About Us

GIORKIS FARM began operations in 1996. The owner at the time was visiting various farms where there were high mortality rates, especially in chicks, and thus decided to create his own farm.

Our first client and the first 10,000 partridges

Our high quality standards and production controls led to our first client and 5 year contract. We signed a contract with the Game Department of Cyprus and started the production of ten thousand partridges for five years.

At first it was difficult but with the help and consulting we received from various Universities (in the US) and other organisations, we managed to improve our performance and reach high levels of production.

Given the exceptional performance of our company we can now proudly announce that we produce more than 30,000 partridges per year. For that purpose we even have our own feed mill.

For the last 17 years we have been working in close co-operation with the Game Department of Cyprus (that have high health and quality standards) without any problems.

Farm Location

The farm is located north of the Ypsonas municipality in Limassol, in an area ideal for the production of partridges both in terms of weather conditions but also in terms of landscape.

It is located close to the road that leads to the Kouris dam and it is isolated from other poultry farms (no other poultry farms in a radius of 4 km)

The Owner

Giorkis Farm is owned and operated by Constantinos Constantinou, a private Veterinarian practicing in the city of Limassol, Cyprus for more than 20 years.

Health, Quality and Production Control

Giorkis farm follows a very strict set of quality controls and health checks based on industry best standards and practices.

In our farm we measure the performance of the female partridges in the hatchery as well as new borns. We count egg production per bird on a daily basis and continuously try to improve our production.

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